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Cheap Checks - The Joy of Using Personalised Designer Checks and Business Checks
By John M Campbell


It amazes me how cheap checks are these days. There are so many varieties of bank checks and business checks available, that really we are spoiled for choice as well as getting real value for money. The great numbers of designs available almost makes buying checks online fun!

It seems to me that those living in the US are very blessed. Other places in the world do not offer such a personalized variety of checks to their banking customers. In the United Kingdom for example, and in Germany too, the banks each provide a single design for their checks, and that is what their customers have to use. And this is the way it is in most countries around the world.

The interesting thing however is that a check is not a legal document in the sense that a dollar bill is a legal document with a defined value. It is not the design of the check that makes it legal, but the promise written upon it to pay the bearer a defined sum. Because of this, in point of fact, a "check" could be written by anyone on any medium, providing it contained the vital information necessary to make it both provable and executable.

For example, in theory you could write a check on a piece of old cotton sheet. As long as it was clear who the beneficiary was and for how much, and that the bank and account of the person writing the check could be clearly identified, and the check was properly dated and signed with the signature recorded at the bank of the account holder, then the bank should honor the check when it is presented for payment. They may not like doing so, and it would play havoc with the administrative systems, but it ought to be legally honored nevertheless.

So where does all this lead us? Well, if you are ordering checks in the US, it is almost as if you have written a check on that old cotton sheet. Of course the checks are going to be printed on paper and to a standard size, but after that, what goes on the face of the check is really only limited by the imagination. Personalized bank checks can be really whatever you want - dogs, cats, kids, photo, horses, sea views, country houses - you name it, you can have it. Of course many people decide not to design their own and are content to chose from the huge array available from most of the checkbook printers who have an online presence. Such is modern life.

But what is true of personal checks is also true for business. Clearly a business check needs to be somewhat cleaner on its face than required of a personal check, but that does not mean that design and style has to be evicted. Think of ways to incorporate your logo and business details that will still create an impression and even put a smile on your own face while going through the less than happy task of writing it out to pay a creditor.

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